2 lasers down and need help with repairing them

Iā€™m so bummed
I use my 3 laser master 2 models for my business and last week one of them started acting up to where the motor would go the opposite direction and make strange noise when moving the axis

The 2nd unit started making strange clicking noises when the motor would turn and move . It starts g skipping and loosing its accuracy and now I am down to just one laser :frowning:

Help please
Wish there was a phone number I could call and speak to someone instead of having to rely on email communication


The crazy thing is, the 1st unit that started acting up and is unusable is ironically the newest unit for me, ie it is the most recently purchased of the 3

The only parts on the motors to wear are the bearings and those can be replaced. But a motor turning backwards all of a sudden sounds like motor wiring/connector issues. Last is that these run on rubber wheels with lots of friction so static discharge can be a problem and Ortur has a grounding system to help limit that causing problems with the controller.

I love that people can make a business with these cheap laser etching machines. As such, learning a few skills to keep them running might come in handy if you are the type to enjoy learning new skills. Things like watching videos on how to replace stepper motor bearings, crimping connectors onto wires to make replacement wire harness parts and even soldering of wires.

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