3D Printing Color Tag Stand

Using the Prusa Mk 3S+ with the MMU2S (Multi-Material Unit) gets to be fun. We have seven different colors of filaments and any five can be loaded into the printer in any order at one time. How do you keep it straight? (PRINTED NOTES ON POST-ITS ARE TOO SIMPLE, TOO EFFECTIVE, AND NOT AS MUCH FUN.) The printer does not know “colors.” It knows “Feed from Supply #1, now feed from Supply #4,” type commands. I already had a few surprises where design and print were not in full harmony. I expect more to come.

Just for fun, and trying to learn Fusion 360, I decided to make tags and a stand to hold them. A rough guess at creating the stand in 3D printing is more than 18 hours. So, off to the workshop. The pins have an upward angle of about 5 degrees. The tags are 1" wide, 3 1/2" high, with a thickness of 1/8", the letters are printed in their color, and raised 1/8". The holes are printed in with a diameter of 0.30". The pins are 3/16" diameter, 0.1875". Print time was about 55 minutes per tag. A few spare tags just in case - like getting green and glow-in-the-dark (Halloween is next month) filament.