3D Printing Cubistand from Thingiverse

Joyce found the base files for this on Thingiverse.com. Print time is 18+ hours for the base, 13+ hours for the top grid, almost 3 hours for the vertical post, and almost 25 minutes for the post cap. A total of about 34 hours of print time. And, Joyce’s comment, it does not look like we have used any filament off the spool with the ten or more projects we have started to this point.

Lesson #1 - 3D printing. It takes time.

Lesson #2 - Large quantities of filament will last a LONG time.

By file title this is cubistand. I prefer Cubbie Stand, just because if the Cubs aren’t playing, I am not watching. (I generally do not watch the Cubs even when they are playing.)

We are going to use it to hold paint brushes.