7-Year Old Wyatt's First Lathe Project-2020-11-28

My 7-year old next door neighbor is often around my shop asking questions and helping. As a true first woodworking project he made a bench earlier which came out pretty darn nice. He thought the vibration of the sheet sander was “entertaining.”
This is his first lathe project, an eyeglass holder guy made out of scrap wood. It is a bit tough for someone to take a 4-D concept in the brain to a 3-D object on the lathe. Especially at the age of 7 and doing it for the first time.
Just personal opinion, I think the lathe only follows to 1/4 sheet, 1/3 sheet, and 1/2 sanders with 400 grit sandpaper on them as the safest power tools in the shop. I first used a lathe about the age of seven under the tutelage of my dad. And one of the first things he showed me was what it takes to “throw” a chisel. Have not thrown one since other than as a demonstration.
For Wyatt, he used the cutter and worktable from my Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator. No chisels involved, no work piece to rest gap of concern. His next project is a chess set for him and his dad to play with. I think I need to buy some better wood for this. His eyeglass guy is out of scrap.
This is what my workshop was built for and this is great therapy for both of us.

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