American Flag and Eagle Project

Constructed American flag out of Sapele, Ash, and walnut. Stars are ash inlays using my CNC and VCarve inlay technique.

Carved the eagle out of Walnut with my CNC. Imported Vectric Model and setup for carving. This was a gift for another one of my wife’s sisters.

Made them separately in event she wanted to hang separay - fun project. Posted on Instagram and Facebook. Next thing I know people are calling me and asking if I can make them a flag and eagle - for a commission of course. Now I have three more to make.


Nice work! Good choice of woods…

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You’re blowing minds with the quality of your work (and with your patience to wait through thousands of passes at 10% step over! :joy:).

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Really Nice Rob! Getting all those points just right shows your patience; the machine helps but I see a lot of work in both of those to get them to look so good.

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Impressive Rob! I’ve been doing some Vcarve work in the shop myself and am waiting to order my own machine for home. Do you attend the digital SIG meetings? I’d Iove to see and hear more about your projects and techniques.

I try to attend when I can. My friend and I led a discussion last month or month before on milti-layer/multi-color epoxy work.

Thank you Travis for the compliment.

Thank you…appreciate yout feedback especially with your experience.

You can also drop me an rmail or we can setup a call if you have a specific question I might be able to answer.