An interesting use for recycled wood

I completed the program recently and received a beautiful Taylor guitar. Taylor, in times outside pandemic / Covid offered tours of their factory in La Mesa. And the way they work with wood is informative to say the least. In thanking them for their donation and support for the program they revealed that Original Grain Watches is a cosponsor of their support.
Watch cases and faces using wood?
Original Grain Watches



I’d love to get the Taylor tour set-up for an SDFWA crew.
From your experience, do you have an appropriate contact?
Let me know if you’d be willing to take a crack at setting this up.

Otherwise, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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By their response e-mail, their tours are currently closed. I have nothing but a support reply.
I would recommend giving them a phone call. My first tour was through SDFWA as I recall.