Bambu Carbon cloud can start the machine without user action - keep powered off?

While I like the quality of the machine, their mods to the Prusa Slicer and how well the firmware works printing for an almost “microwave oven type user experience” they completely botched network communications. If you don’t know, they require connection to a network yet they did not implement any networking security. Later they added some once users probed how it connecting to the cloud and saw no security. Well, seems their cloud software can turn your machine on in the middle of the night( or day or when ever ) and cause problems.

They should have realized that these machines are NOT like regular printers where the whole paper path is enclosed away from the user and any object in the paper path stops normal operation.

From this description of what happened, users/owners can decide how to best mitigate the possibility of this happening to you.

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The moral of the story: Turn off your printers when not in use.

Until they implement a fix.

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