Band saw help 5 minutes

I have my own small garage shop but never bought a band saw becoause I would simply go to the shop. I need to cut a small radius on a 12 inch piece of doug fir and doing it by hand has been a nightmare. A 5 minute job on a band saw

Is there anyone out there who can make that cut for me. I live in Kensinton I 15 and Adams

I’m planning on buying myself a band saw for Christmas

Ron Sanzone
619 642 0533

If you want to make the trip to Ramona, probably 45 minutes each way, I am available. And I have circle cutting jigs for my band saw.

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I have a 9” bench-top bandsaw.
If that’ll do the trick then you can come use it.
Just drop me an email and we can schedule a time.

Oh, but DON’T have circle cutting jigs for my band saw.