Bandsaw Basics For the Newbie

So I’m new to this group and to woodworking as a hobby as I approach my retirement (still a few years away).
Anyway, I recently purchased a used Jet 10" tabletop bandsaw that’s unfortunately missing a few parts, like the table inserts. I’ve ordered a new one but I’m also wondering if there are any shops that do tune up’s/adjustments?

I’ve done my best to read everything possible, watched the Snodgrass videos on bandsaw basics but even cutting 1/4" Poplar, the blade is twisting and the motor binds when trying to make curved cuts. Even small ones. Something’s wrong! Any suggestions?

The Jet 10" is only a 1/2hp motor so I don’t expect too much out of it but for making simple birdhouses or crafts for my grandkids, it should work ok, no?

Thanks for any guidance you can share!