Cabinet Desk for Princess Lilli The Bean of Candyland

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland, my five-year old granddaughter, is in kiddy prison (kindergarten). AND SHE GETS HOMEWORK!?!? The other day she was explaining how they use the number line to add and subtract. The Bean asked if I could make her a desk and the rebounding question was “What do you want it to look like?”. She researched on line and found several she liked, then mauled over the options, discussed it with her parents, and decided on what is best described as a Cabinet Desk.

Given the rough dimensions and an Internet photo, off to work. Approximately 41” wide, 12” deep, and 47” high. The desk is approximately 29” above the floor, 36” wide, and 24” deep. When you flip the bottom two supports in the desk folds and the cabinet can be closed. I placed trim molding on the desk and the top to preclude things from rolling off.

There are “Ikea holes” in the back so it can be anchored to a wall. Overall it is about 1/8” off of square and I think that is partially due to the floor of the workshop not being clean.

Colors are dictated by The Bean. She has changed their titles a bit, Princess Pink and Prince Purple.

The task now is to get it to The Bean’s house.

Then I need to make a chair, looking for plans right now.

Making The Bean smile is a great cure for many ills.


Rexlilli_the_bean_cabinet_desk-2020-08-12-3007 lilli_the_bean_cabinet_desk-2020-08-12-3011

What a great way to save space! Nice job!

What is the finish? I’m guessing paint and a clear topcoat?


Glidden high gloss latex pink and purples - French Violet & Brandywine with GL7111 interior / exterior base. No clear coat. I am somewhat opposed to painting wood but “built to specs of The Bean.”
It was fun. She is now thinking up another project, which she is holding as a secret until it formulates.
About 40 hours of work in this.