Can we/how do we invite others to join the forum?

Can we invite Ortur the laser guy to join the forum? Could we invite members of the San DIego Woodturners who might be interested in embellishing turned object to join the laser discussions?


That would be great if he/she was willing to do that. I’ve been following and contacted them in the LightBurn forum.

Personally, I would think we should contact them and ask which they would prefer, adding the monitoring of our forum to their list of sites or jump onto the LightBurn forum which they are already monitoring.

Would love to have a private arrangement but support can become less effective( ie long lead time, terse responses, etc ) when they get spread too thin.

He “voted with his feet” and is now here. I guess if you include an email address then the person gets an email inviting them to join. Is that how enrollment works?

ya, after posting in this I saw your other post on the same subject and then saw Justin’s post.
I like it. As for if inviting works by posting someone’s email address, I would not think that nor think that’s a good idea since EVERYONE now sees their email and not everyone is keen on that type of sharing.
I would venture to guess that one of our busy behind the scenes elves made contact and got Justin here.