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Can you add a LAMP sig category? (yes all caps is on purpose)

Critical mass of activity is essential to success of a new discussion category.

The Discourse people suggest at least five topics and 30 message posts before the doors are open. Who wants to enter an empty room? It’s a bad experience and will likely result in visitors not returning.

Consequently I’m happy to add new categories when there’s a commitment to build a foundation of messages. Starting with Laser and CNC was easy because the community is technical and active. LAMP and Caning and Hand Tools and a few others will be more challenging but I’d like to try.

If you’d like to give it a go and get LAMP up and running then I’ll help.

Below is the list of SIG prospects that will represent at the next GM.

New SIGs

  • Inlays and Marquetry - Kurt
  • Caning / Rush - Rachel
  • Live Edge - Tom
  • Epoxy Resin - Cassiano and Lance
  • Turning - Karen
  • Hand Tools - Paul
  • Design - Julia
  • Holiday Gift Builds - Doug
  • Scrolling - Jim B
  • LAMP - Susan
  • Lasers - David/Sam
  • CNC - Ian/Sam

Existing SIGs

  • Digital Tools - Paul
  • Carving - Chuck
  • WWW - Sharon
  • Luthiers - Mike
  • Tuesday Toys - Jim

For CNC and laser. Add tips and tricks as a catagory

I would love to keep LAMP up and running.
I think using this forum to share information about LAMP projects is a fantastic idea, and a great time saver for me. I will build up a FAQ and welcome to LAMP post tonight and post it whenever the category is listed. :slight_smile: I am sure people will join up. Super excited.