Ceiling hooks for shop

where can I find ceiling hooks. I work on my table and use sanders and other electric devises. Seems like the electric cords and vacuum hoses are always in the way. I would like something attached to the ceiling that I can drape the things over. I tried Amazon, Rockler, Dixieline and Home Depot. Nothing.

Ron Sanzone

You could attach these pvc table screw caps to the ceiling & form a hanging pipe using pvc pipe & elbows. Available for 3/4" & 1 1/2" pvc pipe.


I am pretty sure each of the places you mentions actually have some sort of ceiling hook, i know i bought a setup from Rockler that I haven’t actually hung yet. Maybe i don’t understand exactly whatt you’re looking for. Do you have a sketch or picture?

ere is a link to my search on rockler where i bought the sliding glide system with hooks.


Hope this helps.