Chop saw brand recommendations

My 12 y.o. dewalt DW705 12" chop saw motor just died. Light duty use. Very dissapointed in the quality or lack there of these days.
I have a 45 y.o. craftsman hand circular saw that is still going strong.
Can anyone recommend the most reliable brand of a sliding chop saw? Thank you.

I own a non-sliding DeWalt 706 and have used and abused it for years. Still waiting for it to fail. Since you have not provided a lot of information, have you checked the brushes? Responding to the limited information provided.
A friend bought the Harbor Freight sliding miter saw recently. Works pretty well. ALMOST precise enough to make a picture frame. Good enough to do a door frame.

My 705 is at least 10 yes old and has been used hard to remodel two homes. Laser died but otherwise has been a champ. Cut what seemed like miles of hardy cement board with it, only blowing it off each day. That cement dust was nasty. That said I really like my Kapex for the precision. Pricy, yes but I really like it.


Others have suggested the brushes, of course, check those. You might also check for dust in the switch. A few of my friends have complained that the switch on their Bosch 1617 routers got very sketchy because dust got in the switch assembly and fouled the contacts.

Dust collection on most sliding miter and chop saws has no chance of keeping the dust out of the weirdest places! Don’t give up on your DeWalt, unless you’re absolutely sure the motor is dead. Or, unless you really want a new saw. :wink:

I have a Ryobi—hate it! Dumb choice, but it was cheap and accurate enough to make picture frames. The rails stick out too far in the back to get it close to the wall. It sticks way out into the shop and I’m always running into it.

Good luck! Let us know whether you decide to “Live it or List it.”