Circle Cutting Jig

Does the shop have a circle cutting jig for a router or band saw? I need to cut a circle about 10" in diameter in a piece of walnut.


Jerald I don’t know if shop has one but they are pretty easy to make. If CNC is up at shop maybe you can get someone to cut gor you.

Last but not leadt if you want to come to Temecula I can cut for you on my CNC.

Rick VanHattan found the one at the Shop and made it available to Jerald.

We have such wonderful people in our community!

I think a CNC cut is the best option as no holes are required inside the perimeter. With that said, some band saws have this accessory, as shown on my Shopsmith, for cutting circles.

And when that will not give me the diameter / radius I need, I built a larger one.

And I built a similar device to attach to my belt sander to sand the edges and maintain the consistent edge.
If the shop is inconvenient, I am on the east side of Ramona and available most of the time.


I think your request has already been answered, but I have a recommendation for your future circle jig needs Jerald.

I recently broke my 5-year-old acrylic circle cutting jig from Jasper Precision Tools. I called the number on the warranty card and talked with Lupé. Turns out she’s the daughter of the inventor of the Jasper circle jig. JPT is a small two-person company that may soon be a sponsor of the Member Shop. Lupe sent me a brand new M-240 polycarbonate jig! Their jigs come with a lifetime warranty and great customer service!

Short end to a long story–I love the new jig and it works GREAT! It fits almost any router, even my Makita compact. Here’s their info:

713 681-9912
Jasper Online Shop
2129 E Cedar Street, Suite #1, Tempe, Az. 85281