Cook Top Cooking Board

Well over a year ago, my daughter, had an idea she wanted my help with. She indicated that she didn’t have much counter space due to the cook/stove top taking up about 6 square feet of the counter space she had. She asked if i could build something that covered the cook top when not cooking. As her doting father I gave the only answer I could, especially with my woodworking equipment taking up all of the garage space, leaving little room for her kids toys and other things they own. For background, my wife and i live with my daughter, her husband, and their four children. 4 of our 9 grandchildren.

After a couple of months of no progress and a party coming up that my daughter was hosting she gently hinted, “when do you think you can build that cook top?” It was the night before she really wanted it. My response was i will get it to you tomorrow before your party.

So, what did I do. I rushed out to Lowe’s, because Home Depot didn’t have what I was looking for, and I bought a glued up piece of pine that looked a bit like butcher block, but not really. I zipped off the ends to make it fit the stove and then I pocket holed and glued the sides on to the board. No finish, no real sanding, and handed it to my daughter with a promise to do better n the future. Actually, it worked quite well. But, it wasn’t a cutting top, and with no finish (once it was done and given to her I had moved on) one can imagine what happened. Over the next year. In spite of the poor quality, several of her friends had asked about the idea and if it would be possible for me to make them similar tops because everyone in the housing track has similar configurations and counter space challenges.

A little over a year later, i have a few cutting boards and other projects under my belt, I promise to built the type of cook top that I originally intended. i will attempt to story that journey in photos. Not sure if I will post these correctly but will try.

Original Cook Top cover - a little worn for wear

Design Concept:

Final Product:

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A few spelling and grammar errors which I can’t figure out how to correct now the project was posted.
Also, accidentally attached same picture twice because I couldn’t see pictures until posted. But, I think the project is understood.

this is the side view of the cook top cover I wanted top post Ambrosia Maple and Walnut, and now she can also use it as a cutting board.

Nice design, Rob, and a great improvement over the quick original. What kind of finish did you put on it?


Ed…nothing elaborate. Because it is to double as a cutting board i used the same finish I normally used for cutting boards, which is flooded with mineral oil followed by Howard’s Butcher Block conditioner. Now that it has been in use for about a week it is time to put some more butcher block conditioner on the board.

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Beautiful, I love it

Thanks for the positive feedback Ron.

I made this for my wife to save counter space
Ron sanzone

This under counter addition looks pretty useful - uses empty space unavailable otherwise. Nice work!

We’re always looking to get stuff off of the counter - nice design!


Looks great!

Wondering if there was a reason you moved the inlay from the original design location?

Dead space in the corner. Knife rack is off the counter space, very useful and easily available