Cutting Problem along x-axis

Hi. I have recently bought Ortur Laser master 2 and having issue with lines not matching on X and Y axis.
I have tried readjusting focus multiple times, cleaning the lens, tilting laser sideways but no luck. Y axis cuts clean and deep while X axis is making a broad line with much less penetration… Can somebody help me to solve this problem?

Let me guess, 20W diode laser?

Yeap, it is. Do they all have such problems?

you should have noticed the “dot” when you focused, it is not a dot but an oval. Nature of the beast, ie the diode element is along a short line. See this video: Watch a working Laser Diode Under Microscope 200X - YouTube

you might get a better dot switching in a G8 or a multi element lens. Lots on this if you do a google search.