Drawers do not close properly

I’ve been in my house for 5 years recently two of the kitchen drawers do not close properly. One side is high and at an angle…
Drawers are square, soft close. I don’t know where the problem is. Although knockoffs the slides appear to be intact.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Ron Sanzone

if you are 200% sure the slides on the drawer are square to the sides of the drawer AND the draw+face are squared up then the problem lies in the rail mounts on the cabinet.

Measure from the center of your slide on side of your drawer down to the bottom of the drawer( both left and right sides should be equal). Now measure from the center of the rail mount at the inside surface of the cabinet face down to the bottom of the drawer opening. That should be ~1/16-1/8" more than what was measured on the drawer.

If those are correct then the problem lies in the rear rail mounts in the cabinet.

doug, thanks for you quick response.

You are correct, the drawer face is not square with the slide; not even close about an inch off.

My guess is that it has to be remounted although it was working until recently and I don’t know what could have thrown it off. I could do the remount myself but my knees will not cooperate

Do you know of a cabinet guy who can remount 2 drawers. I’ll certainly pay for the visit. I live in Kensington Adams and I 15

Ron Sanzone