Educational Devices from - 2021-11-29

Both of these are files.

The Math Gears is 18+ hour printing of 8 files. It works really neat and Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland loves it. She was explaining ratios and relationships for probably close to two hours with me. I like the fact the when a rubber band breaks you can replace it without taking the Math Gears apart.

I just wish the axle trolleys for the gears had a little more meat underneath so that you could hold them with your fingertip a bit easier while changing gears.

Math Gears Video-2021-11-29 - YouTube

Math Gear(s) by SSW

The Watch Escapement Desk Toy is a 20 file, 23-piece print, there are four prints of the base pieces. Print time exceeds 50 hours and if you print it, make sure you have the surface you want down or up. And it works pretty well considering that it is all PLA filament. I had to remove about 0.25” from the upper tine on the fork to get it to work, the hair spring simply does not have the power to pull the fork off the tooth at full length.

The Bean and I had a lot of fun learning how this works, and removing the fork and watching it free spool all that potential energy into unrestrained kinetic energy. The next day, showing it to my daughter and son-in-law, I broke the main spring – another 5 hours of 43 minutes of printing.

Watch Escapement Desk Toy-2021-11-29 - YouTube

Watch Escapement Desk Toy by LarkysPrints

Note: If you go for this one, find the print modified to Imperial or U.S. Standard / fractional. The metric hardware exceeded $20. One bolt comparison between metric and Imperial was $0.79 to $0.19. M4 flat washers at $0.29 each.



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Do you know about Marshalls Industrial Supply for hardware?

When I was making 3D printers and autonomous RC cars I would also use McMaster Carr. Love the one day shipping but shipping adds up if only buying small quantity.

These are such amazing creations! When you teach our 3D printing class I hope you will have some of these to show off and wow folk. Having examples that inspire can have a real effect on students. Well done!

Did not know about Marshall’s. Just looked and if you can buy individuals on a walk-in basis, this would have been A LOT less expensive.
Going to put it into my GPS.
Thanks for the info,

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I can bring both in, not a problem. Not sure I can make tomorrow’s meeting, I need to check with Joyce.
There are numerous negative comments on the Internet about the Watch Escapement. Using plastics instead of metals and they want perfection.
To watch The Bean figure out and then explain what the various components are doing as they interact is more than satisfying for the cost. Doug clued me into Marshall’s and the cost was a lot cheaper - only 20+ miles away.

@Rex Just join the General Meeting via Zoom … get the link on PunchPass.