Fog Harvester--- Anyone interested in making one?

I recently received the email message below. He proposes an interesting project. Although it’s not something I envision we take on as an organization, you may find it interesting.:


I saw a news story about your organization this morning, and I’m reaching out because I have an idea for the city, but I don’t have the skill to make it happen.

Have you heard about fog harvesters? They are one way people are attempting to combat droughts. Currently they are large net like structures anchored by plastic tubes that collect fog (pure potable water). When I read about them I thought about how something like that would have saved the Balboa Park trees we lost in the last drought, and I sent the article to the Mayor’s office as an idea.

The newest technology, however, describes a harp-like structure that sends the collected fog down strands of fine wires and collects 3 times the water of the nets. People are talking about these on a large scale, but I was wondering if they would work to water individual trees or plants.

Maybe the talent in the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association could figure out how to make beautiful fog harps (designed like harps) or fog catchers (designed like dream catchers) and test them on the Balboa Park trees then sell them commercially. You would be inventing the product. All you need is a way to string wires or maybe fishing line and collect the water.

Here is an article that both references the newest work and talks about how these people used it.

I would think the first this this person should have done was computer the amount of water which could be collected since that would determine the usefulness for watering trees or anything else. Surface area, humidity, air density etc would all come into play.

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I’ve been interested in this topic forever. If we could draw attention to the tech and help Balboa Park then I think it’d be worthwhile exploring. Perhaps we take the first step of a viability assessment with a core team of interested players?

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