George Vondriska - General Meeting

The May 27th 2020 General Meeting was the first conducted via Zoom.

Our featured speaker was George Vondriska.

Here is the chat dialog from during the meeting:

19:00:33 From Dara : I’m sure you can program your CNC to give you a hair cut with the right attachment
19:07:55 From Michael Kirk : OK Travis, just hit 150, yay!
19:08:14 From Shayla : I’d like to build one too!
19:11:15 From James Stary : Can SDWT members access these?
19:14:31 From Patti : Congrats Mary!
19:14:39 From Patti : Nice turning work
19:14:58 From Purple Karen : Those are gorgeous. Nice work
19:15:02 From Shayla : Gorgeous, even on screen! Congrats, Mary
19:15:24 From Nicole : Congrats Mary!!!
19:15:25 From Dara : @James Stary - the website is open to every one and you can view all the videos
19:15:32 From Patti : Nice work Len and Dan
19:19:11 From Paul Duffield : Does furniture accessories include carvings?
19:19:18 From Jan J : like newbie concept
19:19:53 From Skip Florey : Paul - I would think so
19:20:36 From Doug Glessner : Paul, your carvings are welcome anywhere/anytime
19:21:51 From Rob Sandstrom : I’m in Temecula so closer than TH&H for me
19:22:00 From Shayla : I went therer when I first started woodworking. They were kind and helpful for me, even as a newbie
19:22:28 From Jan J : can you please show who is speaking …
19:22:40 From Jan J : for us who do not hear well :slight_smile:
19:23:09 From Skip Florey : Congrats Jack!!!
19:23:43 From Jan J : I wear a hearing aid and depend on speech reading
19:23:47 From erika cueva : how do we enter the raffle? for future reference :]
19:23:56 From Jan J : thank you Jan
19:24:16 From Jack Henz : This is Jack Henz, is he speaking to me?
19:24:51 From Travis Good : You won!
19:25:17 From Patti : Even though I paid for this year I still have my old SDFWWA member card. Do I need a “new card” to present to get sponsor discounts?
19:25:21 From Paul Duffield : That’s one natty haircut Dallas!
19:25:35 From Jack Henz : I can’t believe it. I didn’t have a ticket.
19:26:30 From Gary Anderson : Signing up for the Meeting entered you into the raffle
19:26:32 From Patti : Thanks for all of the help John and Brenda!
19:26:57 From Gary Anderson : Yes, you need a current membership card to get discounts
19:27:13 From John Langdon : Thank you, John and Brenda! Much appreciated.
19:32:33 From Patti to SD Fine Woodworkers(Privately) : Gary noted that I need my new membership card. Is this something that will be mailed to me? I think I am paid up… or maybe I’m just paid for the shop membership. Hmmmmmmmm advice please
19:33:11 From Walt Groves : Did Dallas go put on his PJ’s
19:33:31 From marcgehr : no dancing
19:33:40 From Avis : Sing, Travis!
19:33:53 From John Langdon : I’m in for the song and dance.
19:34:00 From Lou Newell : grab some coffee
19:34:12 From George Shop Tour : Mike-Let’s start on the shop tour cam
19:35:08 From Nicole : Hi Gary!
19:35:25 From Gary Anderson : Hi!
19:36:19 From John Langdon : We clearly have the highest quality leaders in the country.
19:38:26 From Jan J : bummer … I can’t understand … I really need to see his face … to hear :slight_smile:
19:42:05 From John Langdon : A woodworker’s nirvana.
19:42:25 From Avis : Truly!
19:42:30 From Tyler Smith(SDWT) : George, I’m going to have to come see you when I move to Alexandria later this year.
19:42:35 From Doug Glessner : Stop drooling Travis
19:42:44 From Travis Good : :slight_smile:
19:44:29 From John Langdon : Isn’t he lovely?
19:44:52 From Rick VanHatten : How is George’s son doing?
19:46:12 From Avis : WWGOA has every level of class and I’ve been getting some great help on using my new table saw!
19:46:21 From Walt Groves : When we get back to live meetings can we have beer?
19:47:28 From Rd : I am a newbie and do not know who he is , What is his main fame ?
19:49:24 From Shayla to SD Fine Woodworkers(Privately) : I don’t want to be solo but I can help
19:50:09 From Peter Tobias : How much of the budget comes from the holiday sale? If there is a store, why only at Christmas?
19:51:02 From John Langdon : FYI, Arizona is wide open. I took a road trip to Yuma last weekend specifically to get a haircut.
19:51:35 From marcgehr : by the way if you go to participants and click on raise hand you can take questions live on mike
19:52:14 From Avis : Thanks marcgehr!
19:52:54 From Gary Anderson : There are too many people to do that…so we’re going to consolidate them
19:53:34 From John Langdon : These newfangled computers are challenging for us old farts.
19:53:55 From Andy Patterson : You can share the entire screen or just a specific app
19:54:07 From Mark Corneglio : The picture viewer is a different app
19:56:40 From Patti to SD Fine Woodworkers(Privately) : Nice spalting and cracking!
19:56:53 From Patti : Nice spalting and cracking!
19:57:40 From Patti : Love, love mesquite
20:00:27 From Patti : So this is part of the casting mold?
20:00:55 From Gary Anderson : yes
20:01:06 From Patti : Thanks Gary
20:04:19 From Tim Miley (SDWT & SDFWA) : did you consider using Cactus Juice to stabilize
20:07:00 From Paul Schankin : I hated the Carpenters in high school…
20:07:44 From Jan J : foam… what ?
20:08:07 From Gary Anderson : building foam
20:08:43 From Joshua Dodhia : foam coat FoamCoat™ | Rosco
20:09:02 From Steve Corwin : It looks like Foamular
20:09:26 From Steve Corwin : I’ve found 1" Foamular at Home Depot. I can’t find 2" thick in San Diego.
20:10:00 From Tim Miley (SDWT & SDFWA) : done on the CBC?
20:10:09 From Tim Miley (SDWT & SDFWA) : cnc
20:10:21 From Susan Lively Klug : That would make awesome LAMPs!!!
20:10:33 From Travis Good : :slight_smile:
20:11:02 From Patrick Lorenz : Home depot has it
20:24:47 From marcgehr : one roll tp doesn’t seem enough
20:25:18 From Jan J : want is that material called for Boy Scout box?
20:25:25 From Travis Good : MDO
20:31:49 From I Martin : anyone know where to get MDO in SD county?
20:32:01 From Joshua Dodhia : Th&H
20:32:20 From Doug Glessner : Frost Lumber carries MDO also
20:32:25 From I Martin : TY
20:35:38 From Walt Groves : I believe the blue stain is caused by beetle kill.
20:36:24 From Walt Groves : They use to throw this wood away. Now they call it denim pine.
20:41:59 From Walt Groves : What is the finish on the waterfall?
20:43:05 From Tom York : Repeat the name of the product again?
20:43:49 From Jan J : can you write the name down please.
20:44:57 From Jan J : HPL …?
20:45:18 From Joshua Dodhia : HPLV is the spray gun system
20:45:32 From Jan J : thanks :blush:
20:45:37 From Joshua Dodhia : aquacoat over dewaxed shellac
20:46:57 From Jan J : yes it is helping a lot with the chat:-)
20:46:59 From Joshua Dodhia : aqua thane Aqua Thane Top Coat – Aqua Coat
20:47:48 From Jan J : thanks
20:48:54 From Marvin Miles : 1849
20:49:13 From Travis Good : Go Marv! :slight_smile:
20:50:45 From Peter Tobias : How was the cookie levelled?
20:53:25 From Peter Sterling : Absolutely a wealth of great, practical knowledge! Bravo to George!
20:53:37 From Tom York : Wonderful presentation
20:54:27 From Avis : should we raise our hands?
20:54:28 From Susan Lively Klug : THANK YOU George and Travis, Gary, Michael!!!
20:54:37 From LAUBEDA1 : Thanks!
20:54:47 From Walt Groves : Best meeting ever!!!
20:55:20 From brunocumar : That’s right Gary! Being home is much easier!!
20:55:24 From Jan J : Thank you to ALL
20:55:27 From Paul Duffield : What an interesting presentation. Thanks George.
20:55:29 From Len Scarpace : Great session!
20:55:46 From Purple Karen : This was a fabulous evening. Thanks you George
20:55:49 From Nicole : Thanks everyone!
20:56:07 From Shayla : Thanks! Great presentation
20:56:11 From Dave John [SDWT) : Great Presentation. Thanks for the Invite.
20:56:34 From Avis : Try muting everyone while George is talking?
20:58:49 From Sharon Meng : thanks for sharing your knowledge, hope to see you again soon
20:59:23 From Jerry Aarestad (SDWT) : Very creative … enjoyed it very much. Thanks also to SDFWA
20:59:59 From Michael Kirk : Thanks all, Great stuff.
21:01:26 From Len Scarpace to SD Fine Woodworkers(Privately) : Gary, how do I claim my second place prize?
21:03:08 From Peter Tobias : Thanks a lot. Great show and tell.
21:03:18 From Avis : Wonderful!!! Great 40th anniversary celebration!
21:03:27 From Mark Dusek : Thanks George and the Crew!