Help with heavy (Mantel) board at SDFWA member shop?

I’ve got a piece of Ironbark Eucalyptus I want to use as a mantel over a fireplace. The board is 84"x5"x10" and weighs in at 148lbs. I want to take it to the SDFWA member shop, run it over the joiner, and then use the thickness planer on it. Problem is that at 148 lbs, it’s pretty hard to manage by myself. I believe only people who are shop members are allowed in the shop, so I can’t just bring a helper. In the past I’ve brought some big boards (but none this big) and generally either managed by myself or gotten some help from the shop supervisor. But this seems like a bit much to just show up with and hope for the best. What’s the best way to deal with a situation like this? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any suggestions anyone has,