I Found This Humerus

I saw something similar to this on a t-shirt while at Disneyland. So, into Thingiverse.com for Item #367268, into VCarve for some design work with a 16"x7" piece of wood. 3D printing time is about 4 hours and 15 minutes. I cut the bottom 10% of the humerus off with Prusa Slicer to give me a flat surface.
After three coats of spar varnish covered the wood with contact paper for milling and painting.
In VCarve some design work for the CNC gcode. The result was about 18 minutes of milling with a 60 degree V Bit down to 1/4".
Letters are Rust-Oleum gloss black spray.
My daughter is putting it in her classroom where she teaches anatomy.
I figured this would be an β€œarm up on education.”


Great idea, and example of digital tools. nice!