Laser box with Epoxy window stained glass

It’s not really inlay so I’m calling it a window? Kind of like stained glass, 2 layers of wood cut and glued together and filled with epoxy. It can be done, It can be done better. It gives me ideas. There are definitely things that went wrong, I made 13 to try to get 10 good ones, might only have 8 good ones.

Shellac makes pits in resin (fyi)

I will do this again in future projects, it’s too fun. Looks awesome with a light behind it.


Great work!!!

This is an impressive and creative DIY project! The idea of using two layers of wood filled with epoxy to create a stained-glass-like effect is brilliant. It’s inspiring to see your determination to improve and learn from the process, even though you encountered some challenges along the way. The transparency about the number of attempts shows your commitment to quality work. Keep experimenting and refining your technique - I’m sure your future projects will turn out even better. And thanks for the tip about shellac and resin! With a light behind it, your finished product must look truly stunning! Great job overall!

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The described creation is not precisely inlaying, so the creator refers to it as a window. It involves two layers of wood cut and glued together, filled with epoxy, similar to stained glass. The process can be improved, and the creator has had some challenges, making 13 attempts to achieve ten satisfactory ones, possibly ending up with eight good pieces. The use of shellac caused pits in the resin. Despite the challenges, the creator finds the process enjoyable and plans to incorporate it into future projects, as it looks stunning when illuminated from behind.

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