Linen Cabinet Remodel

Next around the home project, remodel the linen cabinet…

Base cabinets are done and in:

And, a surprise…

The step pulls out and swings either direction. It is a Step 180 by Hideaway Solutions. As for the cabinets, the carcass is ¾" prefinished birch ply lined with cedar, and the face frames are African Mahogany stained with General Finishes Vintage Cherry water-based stain and topped with GF water-based poly. Still need to repull the carpet and put the baseboard back.

Now I need to build the Uppers and doors…



Great cabinet! I am going to checkout that step - would be useful for short folks like me!

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Yes, my wife is petite as well…

The cabinet looks great and YES on the rollout shelves(retro-fitted my '53 home hall closet with roll outs and put 4" sides on them to keep things in. But as a mechanical geek, I love that step stool design! Both in how little space it takes but also in how it opens in either direction. Elegant and functional.


Outstanding! I’m designing kitchen cabinets and I’ve got to fit in that pull out step stool. I am definitely stealing that idea.

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It only needs 1½”. If I were redoing my kitchen, I might put in two of them. I’ve looked at my cabinets often trying to see if there is one I could nudge over…:joy:

That’s just plain crazy-cool!

Is there storage on either side, outside the pullouts? If not, why not make the pullouts wider?

Shhhh, that’s where he keeps ‘the good stuff’.

Well, there had to be room for the decorative flutes. Don’t tell anyone, but it is possible there could be secret compartments… :wink:


Very nice, steps are cool

Well, the upper cabinet is done, now I just need to make the doors and moldings. I plan to incorporate some CNC carving into the doors… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now you have to put some VERY nice linens in there now that you an see in. Looks fantastic!

What are you thinking about carving in the doors?

any of these in the “images” section?

And this is why I’ve been looking for depth maps or some other way to get a design into CCPro. Currently the plan is for some decorative leaf carvings in the corners of the upper rails on the upper doors, however @DougL has revived some though of carving the panel…


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When I was doing my first F360 plaque project I build it from an image I found and techniques Tim showed us in his session. The image I found had detail designs at the top and bottom which I didn’t know how to do. I knew there were variations in heights but ended up just using splines and outlining half of one pattern, mirroring it horizontally for the top and mirror all that vertically for the bottom.

But now, with this depth map talk, I’ll have to revisit that and see if it can be done more accurately.

I’ve seen many engraved leaf designs and agree that would make a fantastic first project with depth maps.

it may take finding the right image file or even doing some grayscale image touch-up but I think the results could look pretty cool. This is set to engrave down only .25" and that’s adjustable like feeds/speeds, end mill size and shape, etc.

Actually, when I said leaves, what I had in mind was more of a traditional wood carving motif, something like:

I’m not going to try to design something myself, most likely, I am looking for a depth map of something like this.


that is a tricky one. It’s made up o fonly 4 elements with the two smallest also being able to be mirrored.
But getting those initial elements via depth map would be tricky without an initial grayscale or somehow creating one or some form of scanning.

Will have to sleep on this for a few nights.