Lionel American Flyers Fastrack S Gauge / Scale Track Tool

I have numerous gauge / scale model railroads, N, HO, S / American Flyer, O, G, and numerous toy trains such as Disney or Lego related trains and those wooden track trains in various “toy scales.” I am often challenged to modify them in some manner to meet my design goals and physical restrictions – envious of individuals who have basements and attics. Having asked Lionel tech support about electrical blocking with the Lionel American Flyer S Gauge Fastrack and I have not received an answer. Searching the Internet I have not found any track or add-ons such as insulating track couplings addressing the issue – pins for tube track, yes. So, I have a need. As a now retired and tired Naval Aviator the hard may take me a few seconds. The impossible? Just a few seconds more.

So, off to imagineering & creating. Since the metal rail is not held extremely firmly to the plastic base, when going at it with the Dremel cutting wheel I expect issues. Using Autodesk Fusion 360 I created two S Gauge track blocks to hold the rails during cutting. Two sizes, and cut at a bevel so that I can cut the track at a bevel – physical restriction of the Dremel tool and cutting wheel size interactions. The plan is, after adding CA adhesive to the cut area, cutting the rails at an angle and then using my 3D printing pen to fill the gap with PLA filament and file it smooth.

My Polar Express S Gauge / Scale with Lionel Flyer control is neat and I plan to utilize it. However, I have several legacy DC units I want to keep running. The layout will be a basic oval with an imposed internal figure-eight and an outer siding track utilizing six remote switches. The intent is five electrical blocks with the ability to power the units with the Lionel Flyer or conventional DC for our legacy units with the DC switching from #1+ power source to Rail A and #1- power source to Rail B, and switchable to #1+ power source to Rail B and #1- power source to Rail A for all electrical blocks as well as selecting Lionel Flyer control and changing its polarization.

This layout will utilize the same folding format of our O Gauge / Scale Hogwarts Express, YouTube video –

As shown in the video, with a little work and precision, there is no need for track inserts or wire hookups other than plug the transformer in. Lesson learned, I need to get the six remote turnouts on the Hogwarts Express layout off track power and the Polar Express S Gauge / Scale remote turnouts will also be isolated from track power.

The S Scale track gauges are available as STL file downloads on


Great to see a passion in action. Nifty winged-table for mounting your track. Hopefully you give back the living room on occasion. :blush: I too am jealous of people with lots of room available basements and attics.

FYI, last year I went to a model train show which was rather large. I have nothing to compare it to but I was impressed by the number and variety of exhibitors. My father-in-law was an executive at Lionel which is why I attended. It was fun flipping through books and finding mention of him and wandering among all the old Lionel trains that were for sale … at ridiculous prices.

If you’re curious to know about the show …

I am impressed. The Del Mar Train Show is usually pretty strong. Just issues with the overall facility - the last time we went from the time we hit the end of the queue for parking to the time we actually parked was almost an hour. I was told that only half of the receipts crew showed up. Usually it was 10-15 minutes in queue.
Envious of your father-in-law. The Bean can point to 69 textbooks with my name on the cover but who cares about college textbooks after two semesters?
Still interested in getting the files for the locomotive that was made by the shop for the Christmas sale. I was going to buy it if it did not go elsewhere first - and it did.
New train video, San Diego S Gaugers, on YouTube.


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