Looks Like someone from Michael's is a Vectric Subscriber

How do you suppose the painting was done?
I’d probably print on some vinyl sticker ink jet paper.
Apply it before the CNC cut and be sure to use down cut.

What would you do to get the patriotic imagery on them?

Yea that would be cool. Just painting the material before cutting would add. to design.

I’m guessing that is either silk screened or photo-shopped. Notice the wood texture marks on each similar part and you’ll see they have the exact same simulated wood grain. So either they did one part and copied for the photo or they have a silkscreen process which repeats the same pattern and probably on the uncut wood as mentioned.

Sounds go to me.
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Good forensic analysis!

Thanks, I wish it was. Have you ever watched Monk with Tony Shalhoub?
It was more of a quick look and I noticed the repetition. Beer helps with the affliction. LOL

Monk was an amazing show.

He is now on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel " show.

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I’m thinking Waterslide Decal paper might work better:

Waterslide Decal Paper INKJET CLEAR 20 Sheets Premium Water-Slide Transfer Transparent Printable Water Slide Decals A4 Size

This article describes the prep and transfer technique:

For a DIY solution that decal paper would probably work and I would think other forms of printable( inkjet or better, color laser jet ) on paper would work to mimic that design. And you could even do a larger patterned area for each of the 6(2 sets of 3) pieces so lining up on the router wouldn’t need to be too exact.

I would try printing the pattern, gluing it to the wood and cutting out and see how the edges of the paper hold up. Since they painted right to the edge none of the paper should be visible. I mentioned color laser jet because it’s not water soluble so glue type isn’t as important, and it’ll hold up in sunlight much better.

What SIG would this process fall under? :wink:

Papier Mâché” right next to “Macramé”.

Well, when are the crochet and Knitting seminars starting?

When are you available to start teaching them? :grin: