My New Table Saw Outfeed Table

My Dewalt DW745 is a job site table saw with a 10" blade and a relatively small table. For outfeed of long boards I have a roller stand and for small items I made a sled. However it’d be nice to have an extended bed for everything in between. Well, now I do.

On Instructables I found a design for this exact table saw.
It’s a perfect fit, is detachable, and inexpensive to make.
I’m guessing the plywood for the project was less than $20.

In any case, I’m pretty pleased with the result of added functionality for my table saw.

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Love the clear area under the outfeed table. Nice work.

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Very nice, however, now you need to cut dadoes in the top to continue the miter slots so you can use your miter gauge. :slight_smile:


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This is great! I’ve been looking at the same thing. I want to extend the job site saw to the sides two for cutting down plywood panels. Was just thinking about how many sawhorses I need to fake it for a while. :slight_smile: It all has to be able to roll out to the driveway and then back into the tiny workshop.

Susan, you may want to rethink how you cut plywood. I have a SawStop PCS (Professional Cabinet Saw) and I have cut full sheets of plywood on it, but I don’t do that any more.

I have an inexpensive cordless skill saw. I clamp a board 1” away from the cut I need on the sheet of plywood and then I use that as a fence for my skill saw. It is so much safer and easier.

Also, when I buy the plywood I usually have it ripped to a width I need on their panel saw before I take it home. Work goes faster, easier, and is much safer.

‘Manhandling’ a full sheet of plywood on a table saw is no longer a practice I engage in.