Name Plaques from the CNC

Just trying to figure out Vectric VCarve and playing. Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland is my Granddaughter. For some reason she gets a lot of stuff from my shop. Wyatt, Lillian, Sawyer, and Evie (Evangeline) are my next door neighbor kids, all 7 and under. Cannot figure out why they get so much from my shop.
Evie, 2 1/2-years old, comes over to the fence and waves until I wave back. Then she will sit down and watch me work.


Very nice and love the story of the inquisitive little maker.

The funny thing is, after spending yesterday with my Raspberry Pi connected to both the Ortur Laser Master and the Chinese 3040T CNC and then Tim’s Fusion 360 overview, I’ve decided to try making a sign in F360, slicing it with the Kiri:Moto slicer running on the rPi and running the job via CNCjs also running on the rPi. Hoping to have close to the success you’ve had.

Not 12" wide success with the 3040! :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, when I setup GRBL as per what I learned from digging into the Ortur GRBL, I found out the 3040T will cut 320mm x 530mm so 12.5" x 21". It’d take weeks with only a 1/8" bit though. LOL

And I’m counting on F360’s parametric capabilities so I might create it at 12" wide but only cut it at say 6" wide. Hoping. :slight_smile: