Neighborhood library

Finished library today except for roofing. Gotta wait till I can go out again to Home Depot. Thinking about making my own wood shingles.



Will it be mounted on a pole in front of your house? Did you give it a name or mount a plaque? One of these has been on my list for years! Congratulations!

Seems you were prescient and ahead of the curve!

Very nice and we love seeing these little sharing libraries around town so great to see them here too.
BTW, here are some “shingles”!

FYI, Uyen is working to get the SD Public Library Foundation to fund us building these things all around San Diego in this year when libraries are closed. Will keep folks posted with any progress … and probably try to enlist a few of you to help. :innocent:

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The South Pole gets a Little Free Library

Here’s the site they reference:

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