New Box with CNC inlay

This is a new variation on my box design. Added a frame and panel type box top with Zelda game artwork in the top. It’s a birthday gift for a friend who’s addicted to playing the game with his daughter.


Beautiful work. Someone is going to really enjoy this gift.

That’s some precise detail in Zelda! Nicely done.
Can you show us your jig for making the splines?
Just curious if it’s the typical sled on a table saw.

Nice job on the finish. What kind of finish is it? Good choice on the woods. Great work!


Very Nice Jeff! Really liked the finish as well as the details of the frame & panel.
Very nice on the inlay as well.

Thank you Travis! I use the sleds I made in the first box making class taught by Jim Franz. One is for the splines and the other for all miters.

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I first used a couple of coats of Aqua Coat clear wood grain filler on the walnut. I probably should have used three coats as the grain wasn’t fully filled. I then used my HVLP sprayer to apply coats of Mohawk precatalized gloss lacquer. I thin it about 50% with lacquer thinner and add a splash of Mohawk super blush retarder. Thinning and adding the retarder does wonders to let it flow out a bit better. I don’t remember how many coats but I’ll sand with 400 grit sandpaper when I start to see any orange peel. I like to do it between coats rather than wait till the end because the orange peel just gets taller and taller as you go. Once I have enough gloss on, I completely smooth and flatten with 400 grit again and then apply final coats of Mohawk precatalized semigloss lacquer. I keep going until I get what looks close to perfect, usually 1 - 2 coats. I used to do a final rub out by hand but lately, and for the last two boxes, including this one, I’ve been using a buffing machine, first with a fine foam pad and Maguires swirl remover and then with an ultrafine foam pad and Maguires show car glaze.

I’d say it turns out close but not perfect. I’m trying to find the right balance of quick and easy with the results I want. For a nice satin finish, I’ve done the same routine but instead of buffing with the Maguires, I’ve used a random orbital sander and gray, then white, scotch pad. That turns out very nice as well.

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