New use for the blue tape trick

I was getting ready to rip a large piece of Mahogany and I saw that the lead of the ‘good’ edge had some wane in it. The other edge was way out, so planing it seemed like too much work.

So, I used the Blue Tape Trick to create a straight edge where the wane was, and I was able to rip easily, flip and trim the side with the wane…

For those of you not familiar with the trick, simply put Blue Tape (extra length) on both pieces you would like to temporarily attach, squirt cyanoacrylate (super glue) on one side, and spray activator on the other. Put the two pieces together, and voila! It will stick while you need it, then peel the tape off and the pieces come apart.

In this case I didn’t use the activator so I had more time to align my straight edge with a good part of the edge further down.