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A neighbor stopped by the other day and I remembered one of those reality things you learn along the way. When someone says “Everyone knows that” or “No one knows that” they are wrong.

The problem was they had a can of paint they wanted opened and it was fighting them all the way. They had already chewed up more than half the lid circumference trying to get it open. “Can you help?” The first question I asked was “Did you clean the furrow in the can before replacing the lid?”

“No, why? Should we?”

Quick examination and showed them the paint forced out of the mating furrow of the can and the lid. Paint is actually a great adhesive. We got it open, destroying the lid and the can. I just happened to have an unused “naked can” from another project. I showed them how to clean the furrow in the can and sent them on their way.

Two positions I often find myself in – educator and student of an educator.




why I like this.

I use a “lip attachment” device available at The Home Depot. The problem is most of my paint is purchased in quart cans and, while it says “usable on all sizes,” it is close to useless on quart cans. Hmmm. Maybe need to search the Internet for the right sized device.
This will NOT work well on quart cans.

Just found this one at Lowe’s. Next trip to Poway, will try it.


The conversation was about keeping paint out of the seal channel of the paint can. The gallon size pourer does just that as it fits INSIDE the can opening and seals so no paint gets into the lid channel unless you drip it after pouring. I make sure not to let paint run down the spout into the lid channel.

That rubber or silicon pouring cover looks like it seals on the outside of the can so you would be filling your lid channel with paint and would have to clean it out. Not much saved there IMO.

Maybe something like this one which fits gal and quart sizes -

This is pretty much like The Home Depot product, which also states fits all sizes. On quart cans it is not a good fit and after a bit of use, breaks in half.
Most of my paint is quart cans. I am going to stop by Lowe’s and try the one they have which seems to snap on the top. That may present a cleaning issue. Right now I have opened the same can of PolyShade at least six times for the project I have in work.
Thanks for the info.

Bummer it’s not flexible or resilient enough to work well. But as you know, you can pour from the can and reseal the lid as long as you clean out the paint from the channel.

My method for quart size cans is to pour into a cup what I need, use the brush to get most of the paint from the lid channel and then do a quick wipe with a rag to make clean the channel. Easy and works well and it’s easy to pour back any excess in the cup.

Good luck and let us know what you think of the Lowes product.

I like the one-size-fits-all on gallon cans and use it a fair amount of the time. It works best if you are brushing it straight from the can. If you are pouring it into a roller tray or another vessel you have to be a bit careful as it will overflow the device until you are at about the 3 quarts remaining level.
This photo is some of my one-size-fits-all devices. When they break from being on quart cans they actually get better for quart cans but still, not good for direct brush work. A 2 1/2" brush or larger is too wide for the broken piece.
I love these paint pyramids. And they get a fair amount of use and abuse, obviously. This can of PolyShade has been opened and used probably seven or more times as of this morning without a problem. I just use the corner of paper towels to clean the sealing channel.
Comment about PolyShade, and I love it, the darker the shade the more like a gel it becomes. This is Expresso for my daughter’s sewing table. It is thick. I tend to use Pecan for stuff around my house.
To transfer paint I use a meat (“turkey”) baster. I made a rack out of a coat hanger to hold it and let it drain. Easy to clean. Only need to insert about 3/8" inch into the paint. Some work better than others, some are low capacity, low suction and do not handle paint density well.

Regardless of the can size I use a measuring cup with a handle where the cup part will fit inside the can. Wipe the paint off the cup’s outside w the paintbrush. Minimal clean up for drips into channel on paint can.

Or transfer multiple dips into another container, etc.

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