Paul Henry - General Meeting

Paul Henry discusses furniture repair and restoration principles that guide him.

19:03:05 From Dallas Keck : The shop has excess tools for sale. If you are interested the information is available on or this link:

19:13:30 From Paul Duffield : The sound keeps cutting out for several seconds

19:14:44 From Jim Sykora : I haven’t had that problem yet, Paul.

19:14:52 From Travis Good : Paul, it’s clear for me at least.

19:15:18 From Andrew Patterson : Fine here too.

19:17:18 From Andrew Patterson : Funiture? Fun furniture?

19:17:55 From Patti : Nice job Sharon!!!

19:18:48 From Thomas Roetker : Sharon. great job. it looks great.

19:19:21 From Sharon Sykora : Aw shuks….

19:20:24 From Patti : stunning!

19:22:13 From W’s iPhone : thanks. you’re making me blush!

19:22:19 From Paul Duffield : All three pieces are amazing!

19:22:33 From Russo : Will we get to see all of the entries?

19:24:18 From Russo : Congratulations to our winners!!

19:25:01 From Lou Newell : Do the proceeds of the holiday sale benefit the shop or the association?

19:26:12 From Doug Glessner : Lou, yes, all of the proceeds are used to offset the cost of running the shop.

19:26:25 From Russo : Congratulations Doug!!

19:51:40 From John Sisenstein : good night, unluckily I’m in NY right now and getting past pumpkin time. I’ll catch the end from the website. Thank you.

19:54:01 From Elizabeth : that is a fabulous chair!

20:03:55 From Tom York : I took a class from Paul at Palomar. Have him show his work! He’s an amazing woodworker!

20:11:43 From Paul Duffield : Paul. Thank you for a fantastic presentation.

20:13:06 From Jan J : Awesome

20:13:08 From Len: what is the address for Paul’s shop?

20:15:43 From Len to SD Fine Woodworkers(Privately) : Paul, now that denatured alcohol is banned in CA how do you make your shellac?

20:16:25 From Paul Duffield : I want to go and work for Paul. What a talent.

20:17:07 From Jan J : Do you teach guitar making?

20:17:28 From Lou Newell : great presentation goodnight

20:20:43 From Len : what is the address for Paul’s shop?

Paul, now that denatured alcohol is banned in CA how do you make your shellac?

20:21:15 From Mel Turner : 2633 State St, Carlsbad, CA 92008

20:21:35 From Russo : Denatured Alcohol is available on Amazon. I have purchased it twice.

20:23:37 From Tom York : Can you have Paul talk about the dark red chair on the bench top next to where the guitars are hanging.

20:23:43 From josh : thank you very much, Paul

20:24:26 From Eric : I bought two types of denatured alcohol at TH&H two months ago.

20:24:27 From laura : Road Trip to Nevada for DNA

20:25:29 From Len : This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location.
Please choose a different delivery location. is what I get from Amazon for DNA

20:25:33 From Kevin Deal : seats are made to be rewoven

20:26:31 From Kevin Deal : dangerous to sit in

20:28:35 From Esther Assemat : Ive seen DNA in Mexico hardware stores

20:30:57 From Kim : Thank you Paul

20:31:01 From Marty BlakeJacobson : Thanks Paul.

20:31:08 From Marty BlakeJacobson : Marty Jacobson