Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland Side Table - 2020-11-24

There were three side tables that showed up. All well used and abused, about 16” high and about 17” square. Really nice construction and some beautiful butterfly cleats in their tops. Solid 1950s era construction. Two got cleaned up and are for sale (locally). The third, upon request from Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland, was painted Prince Purple and Princess Pink to go with her sitting library and cabinet desk. Her and I discussed the paint scheme and agreed. This is the results of about 20 hours of disassembly, clean up, painting, and reassembly.

Yes, I had fun with the painting. Interesting when you have to go to your artist paint set to paint furniture.

This is her Christmas 2020 present from Grandpa.

I kind of hate painting beautiful wood. However, an order from royalty is hard to defy.

Rex2020-11-24-Lilli the Bean Side Table-3166w


Beautiful! Sometimes paint is the right answer… :slightly_smiling_face:

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