Question for wood turners

Is Pepper Tree a good wood for turning? We have a lot of them in our neighborhood here in Escondido and a lot of my neighbors are cutting them down or trimming big branches, so there are a lot of big chunks laying around and some look to be in good shape. Is it worth trying to collect some for various turning projects? some slabs are maybe 30 inches in diameter and 8-10 inches thick

Per Brian Saunders, president of San Diego Woodturners, yes.

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From: Brian Saunders
Subject: Pepper Tree for Turning

Yes, pepper is a good wood to turn.


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From: Mark Stook
Date: Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: Pepper Tree for Turning

Yeah you can turn pepper wood but it’s not a real pretty wood so
I wouldn’t invest a lot of time into something made from it.


Thanks - I’ll collect a few blanks and will give it a try when time allows.