Restoration of Side Tables from the 1950s

First, I did not make these, I took three pretty heavily used and abused side tables and went to work. The before photo is the two that were the “cleanest” of the three. While it looks like paint, which would have penetrated the wood, it turned out to be caulking compound and came off fairly well.
The investment in these two was about 20 hours each. Disassembly, clean up and sanding, refitting, assembly, and finishing. They received three coats of MinWax Gloss Pecan PolyShade. They are about 17" wide, and 16" high. No plywood in these pieces. The tops are veneered with some really nice butterfly cleats.
A third table is being finished in accordance with the demands (requests from a 5 1/2-year old Granddaughter) for her bedroom. While I kind of disagree with painting over fine wood, the third table is being finished in Prince Purple and Princess Pink for Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland’s bedroom.
These two are on Facebook’s Marketplace looking for a new home.
2020_11_19_tables_202638 2020_11_19_tables_105416 2020_11_19_tables_105421 2020_11_19_tables_105431 2020_11_19_tables_105437


Nice results from your restoration efforts.
I’d imaging it was a good project for you to sink into.
We should all have such a project to restore our psyches!

You kind of know you did something right when you look at it and smile. I spent about 10 minutes polishing them. Five minutes would have done just fine but it just felt good.

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Good job, Rex! Nice color choice!