Scroll Saw Deal

Here’s a scroll saw insight worth knowing from our Scroll Saw SIG leader.
Amazon has this special pricing through October 30.
Jim thinks it’s a good machine …

How best to put good latest information on quality tools out to our members in a timely fashion?

Case in point! I recently was chased down and asked by one of our members, (sorry I did not get his name) what scroll saw should I buy? Quality without spending a lot of money.

I came across Steve Good’s article on the Delta 16" variable speed scroll saw with a great review. Tis the same machine we have in the shop. The 20" DeWalt 788 wrapped in a different package for $300 on Amazon. $200 less than the DeWalt. True it is 4" shorter throat but a perfect beginners machine with all the bells lights and whistles as the 788. I currently have a 20" machine that is 16 yrs old and has worn out it’s welcome.

Thanks 4 listening.

Blessings, Jim Bradbury