Simple andversatile conduit assemble

I have used these for a couple of projects. Simple and works great.

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My brother is a Grip in the film industry and the “pro” version of those have been around for decades and is called Speed Rail. I’ve always admired the structures my brother and crew have built on sets just to get the correct lighting or things like fitting a camera off the side of a motorcycle, etc.

This stuff looks like a good DIY version.

This guy was at many a Maker Faire.
That he’s still in business speaks well of him.
I was always surprised at a business so simple.

I guess that when you’re selling “that which structurally binds piping into structures” there’s no end to the potential! Kind of like a 10 penny nail for use with 2x4 boards.

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I’ve used 3/4" PVC for lots of things which should have been conduit but with enough cross supports worked ok as PVC. But the more I look at this the more I like it and an $80 kit looks pretty good…

Thinking outloud:
I’ve been wanting to make a FarmBot over my existing raised garden and my plan has always been to do something more like Mostly Printed CNC, ie conduit instead of extrusions and I think This Maker Pipe stuff is right for the task. FarmBot is like a large CNC or 3D printer with the X axis moving over a very tall Z axis. Maker Pipe might work well for this X-Z mechanism.

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