Sitting LIbrary

My only grandchild, referred to as “Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland,” came up with this “sitting library” from the Internet. The material is MDF, I am not a fan of MDF for furniture, and the comments are mostly negative. “Grandpa, can you make this for me?” Mom and dad supplied the wood. Maternal grandmother, my wife, helped with the cuts and painting. Paternal grandmother did the cushion sewing.

The colors, you will not find them at The Home Depot with these labels, are Princess Purple and Princess Pink. The sitting piece is 42” wide, 36” high, and 18” deep. The bookcases are 14” wide, 36” high, and 12” deep. The three pieces can be assembled with connecting bolts as one, left apart, or the bookcases can be assembled together. The fabric for the cushions is a Minnie Mouse print of light pink and off white and goes VERY WELL with the princess purple. The one piece you do not see, as it covers the lettering, is the back piece foam.

After a detailed inspect, test sitting, and test napping “Grandpa, it is PEFECT. Just what I wanted."

Tonight will be a good sleep night.




So cool … sleep well!

Fantastic! You made some MAJOR grandpa points on this project.

Regarding MDF, just a guess but they probably spec it because you get a clean edge or at least sandable. Plywood would be my preferred material for this type of project but then there’d be lots of strips of veneer on the edges. MDF is so darn heavy too.

I’m not too fond of butt joints on anything bearing weight. I either create a small datto or I put vertical strips from the bottom all the way to the top support shelf. I’ve done horizontal supports under shelves but any shelf flex leverages them loose over time.

Agree, MDF is HEAVY, especially when using 3/4". And, MDF cracks pretty quickly with impacts. I used Birch plywood and over 35’ of veneer edging. The bases and backs are 3/4" ply. The rest is 1/2" ply. I am a big fan of dowel pins and biscuits and “placement for stress.” So the verticals contact the floor and are pinned to the bases which are inside them with the pins horizontally. The pins are 1/8" and 1/4" depending on the placement. The single piece seat is butt jointed to the sides and is supported by the center vertical. The seat, 1/2" ply, has 9 pins in each 18" end and 18 pins in the 42" back, all 1/8".
The tops rest on the verticals and are pinned.
Overall, there are over 200 pins usually on about 2" spacing, almost a pint of glue, and several ounces of wood filler.
One of my many annoyances is my Dado blade cuts a perfect 1/2" slot and the “new” 1/2" ply is 15/32". Just enough slop to be annoying.

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Great job. It is terrific when we can do things that please others, especially grandchildren.

Great job, Rex. We don’t always get to choose the materials we work with, especially when working for a Princess…


Very nicely done Rex and that’ll last forever!