Slicing (resaw) cookies

Mike was kind enough to sell me some really nice Olive “cookies”. Some of them are pretty thick and I’d like to have them sliced in half similar to resawing a board Does anyone know someone that could do this for me? Lumbercycle?

Thanks ahead for any suggestions!



Do you have any friends at the SDFWA Shop?
There’s a bandsaw setup for just this type of situation.
If I was going to be in SD then I’d help out but I’m not back till April.

I have to have friends Travis? I’m in trouble then! :slight_smile: Do you know offhand what the gap height is for the shop’s saw?


Learn all there is to know at!



How do you resaw a round “cookie” on a bandsaw? How would you hold it?


Cutting copper cookies with an v-block isn’t re-sawing.

I’m woodworking, crossgrain circles cut from a log are known as cookies. Certainly you know this… They would be VERY difficult to resaw. Here’s a link to a picture of some bite-sized wooden cookies:

Bon appétit!

My only point was the V-block to prevent rotation and the tube was just a handy prop. Attaching a support block behind the cookie with tape and CA glue could be used to further secure it. I’ve seen this done to a bowl base in a chuck on a lathe.

I was just having fun with Travis. I was not disparaging your project. Sorry if I offended.

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