Table Saw of course

We are scratch building structures for our O Scale Lionel Hogwarts Express model railroad layout. Cutting 1/8" birch and Luann hobby plywood and all sorts of balsa wood. My wife asked “This is this?”
It is a (4") table saw. Of course.

a new meaning for the word “table” in the name “table saw”. Looks handy for the task described.

World’s largest Sharpie pen? :joy:

I have a fret saw made by Hegner for sale. It is made to work with 3-6mm ply.
It would be great for what you are doing. Call me if you are interested.

Interested, I am building hobby / model railroad stuff for N, HO, and O scale stuff. This little table saw, Amazon for $40 on Prime Day a couple of years ago is absolutely amazing. Quiet, stable, kerf is about a 1/16th of an inch. I use Balsa wood, birch hobby plywood, and basswood hobby plywood up to an 1/4 inch thick, and all sorts of other wood, leftovers, and this thing just whizzes through it.

You made the reference to frets. I built a ukulele, for fun and my Granddaughter, from a kit, Rockler / Stew Mac kit, and I was somewhat impressed.

Fun and it came out pretty good.

This is one of the current projects, a Hogsmeade shop, Harry Potter reference.

The shingles are cardboard with slits cut for texturing, the base frame / walls are 1/4" plywood from drawer bottoms, The front window is made from plastic cups for the curve with cardboard super glued onto them.

(Advisory: The color schemes are my Wife, of 49+ years, choices. Not mine.)

I usually try to put something in the photos for a size reference. Coins and dollars work well. The Sharpie, actually an Amazon marker the same size, was handy. And I appreciate the humor.