The menagerie of the Schildhouse Family

The menagerie of the Schildhouse Family may be getting out of hand. With the Prusa printer purchased in August 2021 and an account on this is absolutely FUN. Well over 100 projects completed and some of those projects were printed many times over. Some dinosaurs were printed four times.

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland loves the projects and with the dinosaurs it is a fun learning experience. We play and discuss the known facts about each one and she is getting pretty good at it. The Bean also got several dinosaur related, a unicorn, a horse, and Winnie the Pooh related cookie cutters for Christmas as well as gluten-free cookies made from those cutters.

The pseudo grandchildren next-door got the same mix of cookie cutters and gluten-free cookies for Christmas. Accompanying those little presents were flexible dinosaurs, horses, and unicorns. Earlier they got Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Minion, & Winnie the Pooh bookmarks and nameplates.

The photo is of most of the types of dinosaurs we have printed. Some were requests that I did not want a copy of – a T-Rex with a top hat? A mix of several dinosaurs to create a new species that was… gruesome. All totaled, we have printed more than 35 dinosaurs and animals. Some with print times in excess of 7 hours.


so fun! Our little one was a big fan of PBS’s Dinosaur Train and loved reptiles and so much so that she learned her alphabet via the dinosaur names. And yes, they learn so many details about the dinosaur types my wife and I had to keep cheat-sheets on them.

With what you are doing, she’ll not only exercise her linguistic system but get lots of tactine exercise too. Nice!

Watched the video. That is cool. I am going to give it to my next door neighbors / pseudo grandchildren. The Bean is 6 and reading.
Dinosaur Daddy / Dinosaur Grandpa T-Rex

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we really liked what PBS did with that show and how they bring in a real paleontologist to teach a bit between the two 15 minute cartoon segments. Same for the Ready Jet Go show.

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