The Railings - Finally Done!

Some of you who frequent the shop might have seen me working on these railings and the pillars and some asked for pictures and I kept saying “as soon as they are done”. Well they are finally done :grinning:

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Congratulation! These are beautiful!

What kind of wood and what is the finish?


Wow, so extensive.
No wonder it took so long.
And now the important question …

does Farnaz like the final result? :grin:

Thank you. the wood is clear KD Doug Fir and finished with oil-based gel stain, couple of coats of sanding sealer and 2 coats of oil-based marine Spar Varnish. I got a tip from the gentleman who owns the paint store next to the shop to tint my varnish with a little bit of the stain to increase the UV protection. This is why I went with an oil-based stain, so I could mix it with the varnish. The parts that I could finish before installing were sprayed and the parts that had to be finished in place, I brushed.

It took longer that I had planned, but she does like the final result. The problem is now the rest of the list :wink:

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Always, always … :slight_smile: