Turn-to-Open Doors

I got a kick out of this novel way to open cabinet drawers. Turn the dial to press doors open then pull. Cool demo video at the start of this post: Sideboard With Turn to Open Doors : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables


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Very ‘novel’ indeed and all was well until the section of the video showing the doors close back up again.
I didn’t see anything which kept the doors closed let alone would allow the reverse operation pull the doors closed.

I’ve also seen enough projects that seeing the planer and the joiner in the instructable didn’t phase me but the lathe for the knob had me thinking of alternative ways to approach this. A linear slide would do the trick and because it wasn’t rotating, standard magnetic closure hardware could work and pull the doors back to the closed position. But rotating things just look better. Maybe a metal ring on the off-center opener and magnets on the doors would work…

I had assumed the doors would be spring-loaded to gently close.

Do they make hinges like that so they operate like drawers which have the slow close mechanism to pull them in? That would be perfect then. Otherwise the doors would be annoying always wanting to close on you.

Indeed, they make “soft close” cabinet door hinges too. That’s what’s being used to allow the final close.

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Very clever. But too much work for me.
With self-closing hinges, something similar to Blum Tip-On Push-to-Open Touch Latches would work very well and would be invisible from outside. Exception would be if child-proofing or pet-proofing is desired.


very true Marty, we have a cabinet with flush doors and simple recessed handle and those push-to-pop-out latches and if the door edge were flat they would open much like the one depicted with the fancy spinning opener.