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I have not posted much in a while for several reasons. First, most of my stuff is from, second, I am working with wood in my workshop, third, I am learning Fusion 360, fourth, I have my annual pass to Disneyland back, and fifth, We have had Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland at the house both Saturday and Sunday the last couple of weeks.

With that said, my wife is cruising several online sites almost daily. I am getting “assignments” just about every day, the queue is increasing beyond reality. The printer is printing probably five out of seven days a week. As seen in this project, one object may take more than one day. We have burned through one complete roll of filament and are more than 50% through two more in less than two months. THIS IS FUN and it makes people smile.

This is what we have been printing for the last several days. After the first was printed, I heard “Can you print two or three more?”

Credit where credit is due, it is by “3d printy” at Twist Lock Coffin by 3d-printy - Thingiverse

There are several options provided and here are the files I selected with their print times as processed by PrusaSlicer and printed on my Prusa 3D Mk 3S+ with a MMU2S+ installed.

Tapered Base, there are two options, this is the one I selected – 4 hours & 26 minutes,

Gear – 22 minutes,

Latch, there are two options, this is the one I selected – you need two – 19 minutes each, 38 minutes,

Lid – 3 hours & 23 minutes,

Spring – 37 minutes,

Topper_Skull – there are two options, this is the one I selected – 2 hours & 3 minutes,

Total time of about 11 hours and 29 minutes each. Now add set-up and clean time.

Just fun. Twist the top cover and you overcome the spring tension on the latches through the gears to the extend the locks.

Pretty cool. And Halloween is coming up.



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