Ukulele from StewMac Kit

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland got a plastic / toy ukulele from her uncle. Great for strumming in the playroom and harmonizing with the TV stuff but cannot be tuned and a bit hollow in sound. Rockler had the StewMac kits on sale so I picked this one up. Kit material and provided instructions are very good. The support videos on the Internet are great. Very satisfied with everything provided by StewMac. Not totally satisfied with my end results, a learning curve that interacts with wood cuts and glue. Ever try to “Control Z” (Undo) a wood cut? Really tough to undo a glue joint 3 hours after it dries.


If I ever become rich I may try to make a second or a guitar.

Wonder how much of my not used much in the last 20 years guitar skills transfer to the uke?




I almost bought one of these myself. Thinking i should have.

I was 93.2% satisfied with the overall kit and instructions. If someone (Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland) wanted another one I think I would buy the same kit again.
93.2%? Learning curve that could not be compensated by instructions or material.