Uncut Eastern Red Cedar

Hello all,
I’m wondering if anyone knows if Aromatic (red) Cedar ever comes in anything thicker than 3/4"?
Has anyone seen it, or do you know what to hunt for uncut Eastern Red Cedar? Looking for something like 2 or 3".
I understand it’s a slow growing tree that generally yields a thinner board but I have to imagine it starts thicker than 3/4", and someone has to mill it down, right?

I think because it’s generally an east coast product, we west coaster’s only see milled, finished product but I thought I’d toss the question out there.

Thanks so much for any input!

Carlsbad, CA

I don’t recall having seen what you’re looking for locally, but I know it exists. As a test I googled “aromatic cedar 8/4” and I got several hits, including this one: Search results for: 'Aromatic cedar'

8/4, of course, being 2”.

I’ve bought wood on the internet before and found that it works out pretty well. I hope that helps…


Hi Steve,

So the big hitters in the US are eastern and western red cedars, but I have yet to see even one of either in San Diego because they require super wet environments… But I can tell you that they do exist in thicker boards but are more common with smaller mills. We just had a Navy diver bring in some eastern red cedar that fell in a hurricane on the east coast and was milled to 3" thickness. It is extremely easy to find that kind of wood when you’re in the pacific northwest or on the east coast. Here in San Diego you’re only opportunities for anything close to that would be redwood, twisted juniper which is aromatic but difficult to get thick boards because of its odd shape, and incense cedar which is neither red nor aromatic. How long and wide of a piece do you need? We just cut a bunch of cookies from the twisted juniper but still have a short chunk left that you MIGHT be able to get a board out of!

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