Value for a Brand New Grizzly G9861 14" Jointer

Hello, my grandfather recently passed away and upon going through his shop, I came across this Grizzly Jointer plastic wrapped and brand new, sitting untouched in the original crate it was shipped to him in from the Grizzly factory in 2003. Does anyone know what the value of something like this would be since it is technically both 20 years old and brand new at the same time? I appreciate any and all help with this!

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Wow, that’s a big jointer! I am really not qualified to suggest a value, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not ~$5k. Of course one could get a new 12” for that much, and there may be better features on the new one.

The real problem is finding a buyer who has room for one that big. The other problem would seem to be that Grizzly no longer makes a 14” model, so if parts were needed in the future they’d be hard to get.

Good luck!

Thanks, I really appreciate it…wasn’t even sure if I’d get a response or not.