Veneers - 4' x 8' panel

I don’t have the equipment nor time needed to make the large custom veneer panels necessary for cabinet construction.
Can the sdfwa members suggest any shops that provide this service?
Thank you for the assistance!


There are a’couple of options for panels that large (even though you could do them at the Member Shop, they have a 4’ x 8’ veneer bag);

TH&H has full size veneered panels in various thicknesses in Maple, Walnut, Oak and Beech.

If you need something in a specific veneer, I have included a link to a local woodowrker that specializes in veneer panels (Mr. Brett Hesser); Hesser Handcrafted. You could contact him and get specific panels custom made.

Hope this helps!


Doug Glessner

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From: Chance Coalter
Date: Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 3:00 PM

The two shops I know of are Hesser Handcrafted and Brassington Caseworks. Both have the capabilities to make very large custom veneered panels!

Chance Coalter

Thank you for the referral and contact information!

Thank you for the referrals!